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Thanks for your interest. We will be adding new information on our project and research in the next months so that you will always be up to date and may follow our progress.


SMART INSPECTORS is an INTERREG IV A-Project lead by the Hochschule Rhein-Waal (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences). SMART INSPECTORS is a short form for “Smart Aerial Test Rigs with Infrared Spectrometers and Radars” and we are working on Fusions of Airborne Infrared Imaging Remote Sensing Instruments and Wireless Sensor Networks for Precision Agriculture and Environmental Research.

So we are actually developing small sensors and special cameras which can be mounted on small UAVs like e.g. microcopters so that farmers are able to see how well their plants are doing on the fields without having to take samples or waiting for a satellite to do remote sensing.

The pictures which have been taken by the sensors/cameras shall then be forwarded to a special database where they are automatically compared to benchmark pictures. After that the farmer receives the result on his SmartPhone and knows where he has to take a closer look on the plants.

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